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The trip with Experience mission to Mozambique

Experience Mission This outreach are one of Experience Mission's initiatives. This group exists out of 10 young Americans between 18 and 26 years old that came to Africa as part of an leadership building experience. The aim is to experience the different cultures of Africa and learn from them. Firstly they spent 6 weeks in the Western Cape staying with colored families around Lamberts bay and Vredendal. After that I joint them for the trip to Mozambique where they will stay with Mozambican families. Even the name family has a different meaning!  I came to love this group. What they do is challenging to any person and I do not think that I saw them one day well rested. I became proud of the Americans because of their faith in God that drives them to serve and to be happy in spite of challenges to the core of their culture. This few weeks they will, in spite of high temperatures, work in gardens, carry water every day, wash out of pails in a culture of very little privicy, eat day af

IRM and Ministries share and plan

There was a good growth between the supporters, in the understanding of the challenges of the Lords work in Mozambique.In looking for a strategy to answer this it became clear that the church is striving to grow in its own giving and need a lot of encouragement, joint celebration of achievements, confirmation of importance and worth in Gods Kingdom, equipment and joint learning in practice how to create a strategy for the specific circumstance of the synod. There is a need for a good joint intention and pressure to grow towards that intention. We discovered that in this process there still a big need for financial support as well as missionaries. In itself this support can be detrimental to the growth of the church, but if it is done with the intention in mind and good accountability from one another, it became a very effective way to support the growth of the church. Looking at missionaries, it it therefore very important that any missionary will go in a position of service. Missionar