Wys tans plasings vanaf Maart, 2017

Maart 2017 Besoek program

Date Description 18-19 March Go to Pretoria talk to Hein about Americans 20-21 March Go to Blantyre and sleep over 22 March Travel to Milange 23 March Rest orientation meeting 24 March Drive to Chionono may be sleep in Muembe 25 March Visit Muembe for the day. Do some visits in town. Sleep Chiconono 26 March Visit Mavago and sleep over in Mavago 27 March Afternoon drive back to Chiconono 28 March Visit Chiconono 29 March Drive to Muapula and sleep there 30 March Visit Muapula and sleep over 31 March Drive to Entre Lagos and sleep over there 1 April Visit Entre Lagos and sleep over. 2 April Drive to Milange 3 April Keep one day to stay over an extra day where necess