Wys tans plasings vanaf Junie, 2012

Footprints in Ile, Mozambique: 12-14 June 2012

IRM Ile Hein and Danie explaining the community's current reality. On Sunday June 10th Hein van Wyk traveled with Danie Murray, Johannes Aucamp and José Ganhale from Namurua to Ile to do follow-up on a Hope for Africa Vision Conference conducted at the IRM Congregation there in 2010. Hope for Africa’s vision is to see engaged, high-impact local churches affecting real transformation in their communities and in sufficient mass to disciple their nations. The vision is realized through a mission of helping the local church discover a vision for the Kingdom, to adopt a biblical worldview and to live it out in every aspect of community life. During the previous Conference in 2010, which was hosted by Past Antonio Ualize, Hein van Wyk, assisted by Danie Murray from Handevat and Johannes Aucamp from TOPIA, helped to lay a biblical worldview foundation for the church's role as God's private voluntary organisation. They examined the biblical evidence for man's brokenness and God

Handling forfathers in a vision conference in Mozambique

In the conference we talked about the world view that includes the reality of the forefathers and how the community trusts in them for rain, or protection etc. In the process the community is very quick to evaluate the contact with bad spirits, but when we talked about the good spirits, there was suddenly a quietness and challenge. After opening up and sharing that everyone still trusts these good spirits even as Christians, we could talk honestly about the difficult process of change. The knowledge of a Good God and an experience of how He is trustworthy are necessary to help the change. You need to grow in your trust for the Lord, and then it is easier to start the process step by step. After the point where we could be honest about the fact that everyone is still trusting in the good spirits, and to see that there is no condemnation, the true encouragement started. It is something to experience. You see it in eye’s of people and that quiet atmosphere when people are listening and ta