Wys tans plasings vanaf Oktober, 2012

Chiconono Vision Conference

There are a few more people attending the conference from the beginning. It was also positive to see that everyone attended the whole conference. I can’t give details and Bible verses, but only an summary of the process over 4 days. In our revision of the conference in 2010 we looked back at the way they evaluated the community. The following problems were identified: Poverty Diseases Fighting between people People hold tight to their possessions They are uncivilized Jealousy People are ignorant (without knowledge) Live in fear Muslim community Polygamy is the rule No love Bad sexual behavior Worship of ancestors is strong This Year they added a few more characteristics of the community: People are lazy There is a lot of theft Telling of lies is a problem Pride Hunger Alcoholism and drug abuse are getting worse. In our revision we confirmed that that the community is like a tree. The fruit is only the consequence of the way the community thinks. You can not only change the fruit and th

New sense of the calling of the Church in North-East Mozambique.

I had a few discussions that turned out to be very valuable for rediscovering the calling for the Church (including myself) in Mozambique. In my talks to people in the market and with leaders of the church, I intentionally asked them about their evaluation of life in the town of Milange. As in South Africa people were all inclined to see that the values of people are declining rapidly. Normally I do not take this too seriously, because through the ages people say these things. When we looked at practical things, it proofed to be true. The town is growing at an alarming quick rate and everything from government’s side is working on a bribery system. Government on local and national level does not care about the poor and weak. Families are less and less inclined to look after the elderly and disabled. Statistics show the increase of HIV and AIDS. More and more you hear about murders of elderly people after they were accused of witchcraft and so I can continue. These things made me think