New sense of the calling of the Church in North-East Mozambique.

I had a few discussions that turned out to be very valuable for rediscovering the calling for the Church (including myself) in Mozambique.
In my talks to people in the market and with leaders of the church, I intentionally asked them about their evaluation of life in the town of Milange. As in South Africa people were all inclined to see that the values of people are declining rapidly. Normally I do not take this too seriously, because through the ages people say these things. When we looked at practical things, it proofed to be true.
The town is growing at an alarming quick rate and everything from government’s side is working on a bribery system. Government on local and national level does not care about the poor and weak. Families are less and less inclined to look after the elderly and disabled. Statistics show the increase of HIV and AIDS. More and more you hear about murders of elderly people after they were accused of witchcraft and so I can continue.
These things made me think again about Gods intentions. How He is as good God, wants to see love, peace, righteousness etc. What are the consequences of the life as He intended it to be? Well, not what we see now.
The other question came to me: Who have influence of these communities?  There are in government a strive for power and with a lot of people doing what you say, means that they have a big influence. In these broken reality God wants His influence to be real through His children so that the community can be transformed to the better, namely His intentions for the community. The church is at the heart of this process.
We can’t just look at it, we have Gods heart and have His passion and His love and strive to bring positive Biblical transformation!
Look at the situation in South-Africa! How political leaders are looking at a country that is busy to hurt itself terribly and they are not doing anything about it!  They use law and power to reign. We as His children has the effective strategy for healing, because it is His strategy!. We need to get involved as His church and start bringing His love and service and start this sacrificial transformation process.
Here in Brackenfell we had a meeting with the community about a through route where theft and other things became a problem. The one man wants to iron the “bliksems” till they listen and the other enjoy it when they suffer etc.
NO! “They” are not our enemy’s. They are not God’s enemy’s! It is not an easy way, but let us use His sacrificial strategy and let us bring His light in a dark world. We can’t help Mozambique if we are not involved in our own country and learn through our own trails.
I want to invite you to get involved in God’s compassion, we can’t stand back and watch our world and our brothers fall in pain and suffering. Sometimes we are still living in good conditions and defending our homes and clinging to our dwindling lifestyles. Is this a reason to live? There are many that are hurt more than us, even if they themselves participate in the strikes etc. God wants to bring His transformation in their communities and lives. Do we feel what God is feeling? If not, do we know Him? We are His representatives created in His image!
The vision of the Taking Hands ministry is to see transformed communities in Mozambique. This through a strategy of growth in South-African Christian communities so that there can be effective partnerships with the Church in Mozambique through which this vision can spread in the Mozambican Church that is God’s answer to the problems in Mozambique. The church has a lot of potential and between all the problems has a lot of Biblical characteristics that needs to be confirmed.
We REALLY want to bring Gods transformation and can’t sit back and look how communities destroy themselves.


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