Wys tans plasings vanaf Desember, 2012

Story from South-East Asia

In one Southeast Asian country, a small church made up of 10 families had received training through a DNA partner. After they completed just the first training, they wanted to show God’s love to a family whose wife was having heart surgery. They decided to help by harvesting the family’s crops while the wife was recovering and the husband was tending to her in the hospital. About 30 people from this tiny church set out to the couple’s field—pulling up crops, bagging them, and delivering them to the couple’s doorstep. When the couple returned from the hospital, they were stunned. They had worried about what to do with their unharvested crop. Even though they faced high medical bills, they assumed their harvest would have to be abandoned. The couple opened their hearts to Christ after receiving such a practical example of his sacrificial love for them. On top of this, nine other families in the community witnessed this event and also asked to receive Christ! “They said they wanted to bel