Wys tans plasings vanaf Januarie, 2017

Christian transformation of communities in Asia

Ek deel hierdie graag, want dit praat oor dieselfde goed wat ook in Handevat se visie is vir Noord-Oos Mosambiek  SE Asia Today More recently, a ministry we are connected with that serves in SE Asia has seen similar results. [5]  In 2005, Tai Ping village was a typical poor rural community: everyone was hungry most of the time, the houses had dirt floors and mud walls. There were no latrines. People rarely washed. Few children went to school. The people were sick, hungry, and illiterate. Most importantly, they suffered from spiritual poverty. They had a saving faith in Christ, but no knowledge of a divine plan for their lives. Through a simple training program the people learned that Jesus died not only so they could go to heaven, but also to reconcile and restore all things (Colossians 1:19-20; Revelation 21:5). They learned that God’s plan is for them to grow mentally, physically, spiritually, and socially (Luke 2:52), that God had given them resources and abilities He wanted