Wys tans plasings vanaf November, 2012

God in a Lomue house

We walk down the hill over the bare granite rocks to visit an E lder of the congregation of the IRM (Igreja Reformada em Mozambique) in Ile Mozambique . The people received the gospel for the first time less than 100 years ago. The Lomue people are very traditional and as I start to understand something of the culture, I am amazed at the joy, humanity and respect in their relationships. It is something to experience, although you have to be able to lay down your own thinking and cultural setting. The congregation is still very young and the people are in the church for different reasons witch I will not call Biblical reasons. Then you get people like this man who was sent twice in dreams to become a Christian. In the first dream he met a person who suffered and died and then rose from the dead and invited h im to come to him. He had the dreams in the colonial times when the Catholic Church was the only Christian church and unfortunately was closely linked to the government. They did