Wys tans plasings vanaf 2013

DRC Presbytery Task group for "Fresh Expressions of Church" and involvement

I attended my first Presbytery meeting in South-Africa. The Presbytery talked about the recent General Synod meeting where a mission identity were decided to be a value for the DRC. "Dutch Reformed Church". The presbytery talked about "Fresh expressions" of MSM and evaluated that we need to do something like that in Brackenfell. They elected representatives from the four congregations and asked this task group to start a Fresh Expression in Brackenfell. I were asked to help in this initiative. After two meetings we start to form ideas on how this approach can help the community of Brackenfell. I am the only one in the group that did the training. I still do not know how this initiative will develope, but I am enthusiastically part of it. I firmly believe that it is a step in the right direction.

New expressions of Church and involvement

"New expressions of Church" is an initiative of MSM (Mission shaped Ministries) from the UK.  It is an initiative that created 80% of new growth of churches in the UK. The basis of this movement is missional. The church as it exists today, do not manage to get people back to the pews. Even if the church do their work, which they did up to now, very well, they have the potential to reach only a very small portion of the population. Most of the population will not sit in a pew again. Something else is necessary. In Brackenfell we know we have about 300 000 people and in all the christian churches together, there is a membership of about 12 000. Most people are not negative towards christianity, but will not sit on pews on Sundays. New expressions of Church is giving the church training, not to get people in the Church building, but to go out and reach the people that will not come. It is possible to create an expression of church in the community that looks and functions differ


  After 18 hours drive, I arrive in the much hotter and dryer Pomfret. It is a small town that were founded around a asbestos mine and was firstly built as an minetown with hospital, clubhouse, many residential homes and services. It is situated in the North-West Province near the border of Botswana. The government were forced to help them with free electricity and water for a few days in the week. After the closure of the mines, the military took it over and build it out with more houses. Early in the 90’s the government used the base to locate the people from 32 bataljon here. They are Portuguese speaking people from Angola who could not be relocated in their own country because of the political situation. Pomfret is situated within a farm community and because of the climate; farms are big and stretched out. Because of the problem of language and perceptions, the farmers did not employ them. There are no work opportunities and most of them live from disability and other governmental

With Annlin congregation in Mozambique (Mocuba and arround)

I arrived in Mocuba before them and could receive the team there. They are mostly from Annlin DRC congregation from Pretoria, but also some others who joined in. We had a day of orientation that went very well and the attitude of the team became their great testimony. They decided to serve and learn while talking about christian practical issues. The team divided in two and I joined the one group going to Lugela. They played with the children, did skills with women braiding hair, sharing food and became really intimate. So much so that from both sides, greeting was with a bit of tears. With the leaders from the men women and youth, we talked about Stewardship. They shared with us a few stories through which God were experienced as real and part of their community. The story of Sara and here baby whose life's were saved not only by the previous intervention of the teams of South Africa but clearly because of the grace of God. The others story of a child with skin problems that were

With Villiersdorp in Mozambique (Pemba)

The team were organized through the DRC church in VIlliersdorp, with members of other churches also involved. Some were families and we left with four cars. Driving to Mozambique On the first day 19th of June, we managed to reach Senekal in the Freestate. We were spoilt by the church people there. Then we continued east to enter Swaziland from the south. On our way we heard that the bridge over the Save river were closed because of political turmoil. So we decided to go through Zimbabwe. We took the road to the north and reached Loskopdam the evening where we camped. One of the team members left us there with a bad back pain. From there we reached the border where we encountered a few challenges. Firstly the Migration people wanted the birth certificates of the children and we did not have all of them. Firstly they did not want us to cross and that was very emotional. We pleaded and continued to explain and then they allowed them. Then we had to stand in the row for 5 hours to get cust

With Strand Congregation in Mozambique

Sunday School training outreach with Strand reformed Church   The first team was actually a very small team. In the last hours we heard that the material we wanted to use on the outreach did not arrive in Milange. Dirkie managed to get the material and we had to divide it between us for the flight to Malawi. We made the weight limit and me and Dirkie flew out to Malawi. Kobus and Nana met us on the airport and we stayed the first night with them. From there we hired the Prado from Milange and went drove to Mocuba with Benjamin, the leader of the youth group of the synod. We met up with another youth leader from Magodane congregation in Mocuba. The first day of training were postponed for a day because of communication problems. It was a group of maybe ten that came for the training and the two youth leaders who did the training, did very well. Me and Dirkie only helped with a few small things. I had to talk about our calling specifically for the youth. They used material for Sunday sch

Relativism and truth

The prophet Isaiah warns, “ Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter !” (5:20) Taking God out of creation creates a culture of death. Then there is no base for values and everything became relative. The consequence of relativism is death. We need christians that will be able to live out a life of love in contrast to this relativistic culture.To live out the absolute truth of a good and a real God.


Darrow Miller shared a moment from his lifestory: One of the milestones in my life was 1969 in L’Abri, Switzerland. Marilyn and I were studying with the Schaeffers. We were living in the home of Udo and Debbie (Schaeffer) Middelmann. One Sunday evening Udo said to me “You know, Christianity is true even if you do not believe it!” These words were a shock to me. In church, in my discipleship program, and in seminary, I had been taught that Christianity was true precisely because I believed it. After two sleepless nights, I realized what Udo was saying. Christianity is true, even if no one in the world believed it. It is true because God exists! It is true to reality! It was at that moment that I realized that I had a “born again” heart, but my mind had never been born again. I had the mind of an atheistic materialist. If there is no God, there is no truth. All things (including morals and beauty, for example) are relative. Your truth is whatever you choose to believe.

Work towards heaven

Darrow Miller helped me to see something new. Rev 21:24  The nations will walk by its light, and the kings of the earth will bring their splendor into it. Here the Bible talk about the new earth. Interesting enough the verse talk about kings of the earth. It helped me to understand that what we do here will be part of the new earth. That is why beauty is important. This help me to be motivated to show beauty through art and home. It helps me to understand why it is important to reign well and bring God's Kingdom principles in politics so that it can display His heart towards the world. This is why law needs His righteousness, to live out His Kingdom. Science can stand in awe for what God created and motivate us to know more to serve the world better. So we can continue..... Darrow ends his article with: Consider well how you spend your time, how you invest your life. The things you do on earth, for good or ill, count for eternity. What you create in this life that honors God may

Visit to Marlow (England)

My visit to Marlow in the United Kingdom was a very busy time and I would like to give you a glimpse in some of the activities I participated in. Walks: We went on a several walks with sometimes only one or two friends and on other occasions we were groups of members from other churches. It was around 0 degrees Celsius on most of the walks but that did not stop us. The walks helped to build relationships and we had good conversations and prayed together for the work in England and in Mozambique. Our Marlow friends prayed and will pray a lot for the work in Mozambique, for the future of the Taking Hands ministry and for the work in Gods kingdom also in England. They testified that this visit was a blessing for them. It helped them to feel closer to one another and it created a new peak in their enthusiasm for their calling. The visit also cemented our long distance friendship and together we are determined to keep our zeal alive for God and His kingdom. Talks with other dominations in M

Agenda for Danie Murray's visit in Marlow

Danie, It is becoming clear to me that we want to learn about your mission and explore how we can shape our own mission better Martin 18-Mar Monday Depart Cape Town 19-Mar Tuesday Arrive Heathrow 20-Mar Wednesday      9 am Reflections by the Thames, Sharing    Easy afternoon, 8pm dinner with "missionaries" 21-Mar Thursday      10 am Meet with minister Richard Becher @ his house, Sharing about World view and                                                                                   basics of faith learned from Mozambique    8pm Talk: Taking Hands in Mozambique @ St. Andrews Sharing about Christians and their challenges in Mozambique 22-Mar Friday      9 am Reflections by the Thames    Boulters Lock, Brewery, Pub lunch    2 pm Wycliffe, tea at Alison's,    8pm Dialog: God's plan for us (part 1). 23-Mar Saturday      11 am Visit Chefs for Jesus in High Wycombe. Food for the needy    6:30 pm Dinner: Gospel and Outreach @ Christ Church Outreach princ

Future Process of Mission in Mozambique

The blue line on the Graph is the line of visible growth in the IRM in Mozambique. From a few Prayerhouses in 1994, the church grew very quickly till there were about 300 churches. After about 6 years I discovered that the invisible part of Church growth (Green line on Graph) did not grow. It is so easy to have the appearance of Church, but do not have much influence on the culture of the members and community. People accepted the Lord and after that they were baptised. A lot of my time went in organizing congregations to do administration, organize training for children and youth, studies for leaders and members, elders and deacons, creating the culture of marriages etc. In many places the leaders wanted the pastors to baptise new members and on investigation I often found that they did not understand who Christ is and that they have no personal relationship with God through Christ. Pastors continued to baptise new members who didn’t have knowledge and experience of faith. The tho

Afskeidsbesoek aan Mosambiek

Die besoek aan Mosambiek was noodsaaklik en ons het in die tyd duidelikheid gekry oor ‘n paar goed. Ek het saamgegaan om te gaan groet. Die Saterdag aand het die dagbestuur van die sinode ons ingewag en verwelkom. Van die begin af het hulle ons hartlik ontvang en ons kon saam met hulle eet. Sondagoggend is ons gevra om die preek in die gemeente waar te neem. Die lot het op my geval, die ander twee het meer ondervinding in oortuiging. In die begin van die diens het ek die dagbestuur eenkant geroep en gevra of ek die gemeente kon groet teen die einde van die diens. Een van hulle wou eers keer, maar die ander drie het dadelik ingestem. Tydens die diens het ek myself uitgeleef in die boodskap. Op ‘n stadium het ek gevra hoe God se hart lyk teenoor ‘n dronk persoon. Wat sal Hy doen? Die een persoon antwoord toe dat hy hom sal wegjaag. Toe vra ek of daar dalk iemand is wat ‘n dronkaard was en toe na die Here gekom het. Daar staan toe ‘n man op en verduidelik dat hy baie gedrink het. Ek vra h

Letter from Tumbine synod to all supporters

Igreja Reformada Em Moçambique Fundada em 1908 em Mphatso , Angónia-Província de Tete SÍNODO DE TUMBINE C.P. 4, Milange-Zambézia, Moçambique E-mail: January 22, 2013 Dear Brothers and Sisters, Ruvuma partnership and supporting congregations Greetings to you from IRM Tumbine  Synod.(IRM hereinafter) We are proud to partner with the Dutch Reformed Church in South Africa (DRC hereinafter) and the Ruvuma Support Partnership (Ruvuma hereinafter).  The DRC and Ruvuma played a critical role in the history of IRM and we all look forward to work together to make an impact for Christ on young people, communities and the world for many years to come. Our partnership  is  the heart of our ministry, together as partners in ministry, we'll stand with each other, believe in each other and support each other and we firmly believe miracles will become commonplace. At the Synodical meeting in August 2012 a new executive was elected. The new executive is :  pastor Ualize as mode