Agenda for Danie Murray's visit in Marlow

Danie, It is becoming clear to me that we want to learn about your mission and explore how we can shape our own mission better

18-Mar Monday Depart Cape Town
19-Mar Tuesday Arrive Heathrow
20-Mar Wednesday 
   9 am Reflections by the Thames, Sharing
   Easy afternoon, 8pm dinner with "missionaries"
21-Mar Thursday 
   10 am Meet with minister Richard Becher @ his house, Sharing about World view and                                                                                   basics of faith learned from Mozambique
   8pm Talk: Taking Hands in Mozambique @ St. Andrews Sharing about Christians and their challenges in Mozambique
22-Mar Friday 
   9 am Reflections by the Thames
   Boulters Lock, Brewery, Pub lunch
   2 pm Wycliffe, tea at Alison's,
   8pm Dialog: God's plan for us (part 1).
23-Mar Saturday 
   11 am Visit Chefs for Jesus in High Wycombe. Food for the needy
   6:30 pm Dinner: Gospel and Outreach @ Christ Church Outreach principles and discuss how does a small church far away make a difference.
24-Mar Sunday 
   10:30 am Preach to Christ Church Congregation
   2pm Church walk - Marlow Donkey to Bourne End Walking and talking Meet people from another church
25-Mar Monday 
   Spend the day sightseeing in London
   8pm Dialog: God's plan for us (part 2)
26-Mar Tuesday 
   9 am Reflections by the Thames, then Costa Coffee
   7:30-9:00pm Crypt Café - then Marlow FM interview at 9:15 pm Faith and cultures? Young people in Crypt for radio conversation.
27-Mar Wednesday 
   8 am Meet ministers at Grefriars / Hospital Chaplaincy
   8 pm Meet the Wargrave house group in Wargrave Teaching and Challenging
28-Mar Thursday 
   Visit to Windsor castle, tea with the Queen
   7:00 pm Maunday lamb dinner at Christ Church
29-Mar Friday 
   10 am Good Friday Service, inter dominational. 20 min talk Christ as base of mission.
   Meeting friends from Holland
30-Mar Saturday 
   9 am Prayer Breakfast, then Moz 2013 plans @ Christ Church Everyone prays, then open agenda
31-Mar Sunday 
   10:30 am Worship with Christ Church congregation
   Dinner @ George's house
01-Apr Monday 
   9 am Prayers on Winter Hill with CTM, Lunch minister and Elders
   7pm Depart for Heathrow for 9pm flight Martin
02-Apr Tuesday Flying to Capetown


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