Wys tans plasings vanaf 2012

Story from South-East Asia

In one Southeast Asian country, a small church made up of 10 families had received training through a DNA partner. After they completed just the first training, they wanted to show God’s love to a family whose wife was having heart surgery. They decided to help by harvesting the family’s crops while the wife was recovering and the husband was tending to her in the hospital. About 30 people from this tiny church set out to the couple’s field—pulling up crops, bagging them, and delivering them to the couple’s doorstep. When the couple returned from the hospital, they were stunned. They had worried about what to do with their unharvested crop. Even though they faced high medical bills, they assumed their harvest would have to be abandoned. The couple opened their hearts to Christ after receiving such a practical example of his sacrificial love for them. On top of this, nine other families in the community witnessed this event and also asked to receive Christ! “They said they wanted to bel

God in a Lomue house

We walk down the hill over the bare granite rocks to visit an E lder of the congregation of the IRM (Igreja Reformada em Mozambique) in Ile Mozambique . The people received the gospel for the first time less than 100 years ago. The Lomue people are very traditional and as I start to understand something of the culture, I am amazed at the joy, humanity and respect in their relationships. It is something to experience, although you have to be able to lay down your own thinking and cultural setting. The congregation is still very young and the people are in the church for different reasons witch I will not call Biblical reasons. Then you get people like this man who was sent twice in dreams to become a Christian. In the first dream he met a person who suffered and died and then rose from the dead and invited h im to come to him. He had the dreams in the colonial times when the Catholic Church was the only Christian church and unfortunately was closely linked to the government. They did

Chiconono Vision Conference

There are a few more people attending the conference from the beginning. It was also positive to see that everyone attended the whole conference. I can’t give details and Bible verses, but only an summary of the process over 4 days. In our revision of the conference in 2010 we looked back at the way they evaluated the community. The following problems were identified: Poverty Diseases Fighting between people People hold tight to their possessions They are uncivilized Jealousy People are ignorant (without knowledge) Live in fear Muslim community Polygamy is the rule No love Bad sexual behavior Worship of ancestors is strong This Year they added a few more characteristics of the community: People are lazy There is a lot of theft Telling of lies is a problem Pride Hunger Alcoholism and drug abuse are getting worse. In our revision we confirmed that that the community is like a tree. The fruit is only the consequence of the way the community thinks. You can not only change the fruit and th

New sense of the calling of the Church in North-East Mozambique.

I had a few discussions that turned out to be very valuable for rediscovering the calling for the Church (including myself) in Mozambique. In my talks to people in the market and with leaders of the church, I intentionally asked them about their evaluation of life in the town of Milange. As in South Africa people were all inclined to see that the values of people are declining rapidly. Normally I do not take this too seriously, because through the ages people say these things. When we looked at practical things, it proofed to be true. The town is growing at an alarming quick rate and everything from government’s side is working on a bribery system. Government on local and national level does not care about the poor and weak. Families are less and less inclined to look after the elderly and disabled. Statistics show the increase of HIV and AIDS. More and more you hear about murders of elderly people after they were accused of witchcraft and so I can continue. These things made me think

The trip with Experience mission to Mozambique

Experience Mission This outreach are one of Experience Mission's initiatives. This group exists out of 10 young Americans between 18 and 26 years old that came to Africa as part of an leadership building experience. The aim is to experience the different cultures of Africa and learn from them. Firstly they spent 6 weeks in the Western Cape staying with colored families around Lamberts bay and Vredendal. After that I joint them for the trip to Mozambique where they will stay with Mozambican families. Even the name family has a different meaning!  I came to love this group. What they do is challenging to any person and I do not think that I saw them one day well rested. I became proud of the Americans because of their faith in God that drives them to serve and to be happy in spite of challenges to the core of their culture. This few weeks they will, in spite of high temperatures, work in gardens, carry water every day, wash out of pails in a culture of very little privicy, eat day af

IRM and Ministries share and plan

There was a good growth between the supporters, in the understanding of the challenges of the Lords work in Mozambique.In looking for a strategy to answer this it became clear that the church is striving to grow in its own giving and need a lot of encouragement, joint celebration of achievements, confirmation of importance and worth in Gods Kingdom, equipment and joint learning in practice how to create a strategy for the specific circumstance of the synod. There is a need for a good joint intention and pressure to grow towards that intention. We discovered that in this process there still a big need for financial support as well as missionaries. In itself this support can be detrimental to the growth of the church, but if it is done with the intention in mind and good accountability from one another, it became a very effective way to support the growth of the church. Looking at missionaries, it it therefore very important that any missionary will go in a position of service. Missionar

Ministries and IRM share joint intention (Vision)

After a good Bible study on the passage in the Joint intention 1 Cor 3: 5-6 and 12-18 the table was well prepared for the rethinking of this intention. We took some of the words in the intention and discussed their meaning. The following was said: Based on the Bible Our lives must be in line with the Kingdom of God not with individuals. The Bible should be the base of everything we do. We need to treat one another based on Biblical truth. We also have to do this in our discussions together. We are part of God’s story and we need to reconcile relationships that were destroyed by sin. We need to be the image of God and that means to be servants. The way we want to treat one another also in these discussions Growing Church This growth is Spiritual and also in numbers Change is part of this growing process. This change should be visible as you move from one point to another. Sacrifice and dying in yourself is part of this process. The old person must die. This is a continuing process and

Biblestudy - Ministries talk to the IRM

I still think it is cheating to arrive in Milange the same day than leaving in Cape Town. It was good to chat about the different ministries and which issues the supporters want to add to the agenda. We arrived in Milange in the evening and greeted the church leaders. Thursday morning we started by introducing one another and then we did a Biblestudy on 1 Cor 3:5-6 and 12-18. Kobus Eksteen guided us through this passage and it became a very productive time as we could link it to our joint intention between the ministries in South-Africa and the IRM. All through our meetings, the principles of this study were repeated.  I try to jot down some of the ideas: We saw that in Christ we have a new covenant and that covenant is bringing us in a process of change. We have brokenness before Christ and before one another in this process. The seed need to die to produce a new plant and multiply the seed. We do this through grace and we have nothing to be proud in ourselves. We need to be humble be

Gepreserveerde Christen (Stephan Joubert)

As sommige mense bid “Bewaar my, o God,” bedoel hulle eintlik “preserveer my.” Om kos te preserveer is om dit vars te hou tot die vervaldatum op die verpakking. Sommige wil hê die Here moet dieselfde met hulle doen. Hy moet hulle ongebruik en ongetoets deur die lewe laat gaan. Hulle moet ongeskonde by Hom aankom wanneer hul aardse rakleeftyd verstryk. Die eerste Christene was nooit in die geestelike preserveringsbedryf nie. Vat vir Paulus. Toe ‘n profeet genaamd Agabus in Handelinge 21 aankondig dat hy in Jerusalem gevange geneem gaan word, het Paulus se helpers besluit hy moenie soontoe gaan nie. Paulus het dadelik geantwoord dat hulle hom nie met hul trane sag moet maak nie. Hy was nie net bereid om gevange geneem te word ter wille van die evangelie wat hy verkondig nie, maar om ook hiervoor te sterf. Paulus het verstaan en verkies (!) dat die Here hom kan “opgebruik”. Dit het nooit gegaan oor sy eie preservering of selfbehoud nie. Hy wou nie sy lewe deurbring as ‘n l

Reformed Church outreach to Mocuba 2012

The team existed of 5 members of the Annlin congregation in Pretoria, one member of Rustenburg and 2 members from Strand congregation. Strand started about 12 years ago to be involved in Mocuba and the other congregations started to be involved in 2011. In Mozambique they are partners with Magodane congregation of the Reformed Church of Mozambique. There are 12 prayerhouses in the Maganja da Costa area and 4 in and around the city of Mocuba and one near Lugela town. The team camped in tents and used the local facilities, sometimes eat local food and when the kitchen gas  finished, they made food on fires.   We experienced something of each others lives A young women, the child of the elder Joao Agusto, were pregnant and with and eleptic atack burned her one foot very badly. Fear and traditional ways of thinking made them to flee from the hospital and the foot infected really badly. When the team arrived the foot was dead and the leg was smelling badly. It was a  miracle that she were s

Gereformeerde uitreik na Mocuba 2012

Die span het bestaan uit 5 lede van Annlin gemeente in Pretoria, 1 lid van Rustenburg en 2 lede van Strand. Die Strand was al 12 jaar betrokke by Mocuba en die ander gemeentes het verlede jaar bygekom vir die uitreik. Die gemeente waarmee saamgewerk word in Mosambiek is Magodane gemeente van die Geref Kerk in Mosambiek. Daar is 12 kerkies in Maganja da Costa area, 4 rondom Mocuba en een in Lugela.  Die span het in tente gekamp en plaaslike geriewe gebruik, soms plaaslike kos eet en toe die gas opraak ook op vure kos  maak! Ons ervaar iets van mekaar In Lugela het ‘n jong vrou, die dogter van ouderling Joao Agusto, wat agv ‘n eleptiese aanval met swangerskap, haar voet lelik verbrand. Vrees en tradisionele denke het veroorsaak dat hulle vlug uit die hospitaal en het die voet baie lelik ontsteek. Die span kom daar aan en die vrou is in so ‘n toestand dat dit ruik en baie sleg lyk. Sy is in die ongelooflikste pyn toe al vir meer as ‘n week en haar hele liggaam is verswak. Drie dae na di

Footprints in Ile, Mozambique: 12-14 June 2012

IRM Ile Hein and Danie explaining the community's current reality. On Sunday June 10th Hein van Wyk traveled with Danie Murray, Johannes Aucamp and José Ganhale from Namurua to Ile to do follow-up on a Hope for Africa Vision Conference conducted at the IRM Congregation there in 2010. Hope for Africa’s vision is to see engaged, high-impact local churches affecting real transformation in their communities and in sufficient mass to disciple their nations. The vision is realized through a mission of helping the local church discover a vision for the Kingdom, to adopt a biblical worldview and to live it out in every aspect of community life. During the previous Conference in 2010, which was hosted by Past Antonio Ualize, Hein van Wyk, assisted by Danie Murray from Handevat and Johannes Aucamp from TOPIA, helped to lay a biblical worldview foundation for the church's role as God's private voluntary organisation. They examined the biblical evidence for man's brokenness and God