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Lorinda, 'n Bybelvertaler, se storie

Lees Lorinda en haar dogtertjie se storie: Geskryf deur Sebastian Floor I met Florinda for the first time at a Bible Society translation workshop in Maputo Mozambique in 2011. A very alive, vivacious, confident, happy person, with almost something of a challenging look in her face. Life was good. And an excellent translator according to reports. In the Nkumbi language, southern Angola.   At this workshop in Lubango she was there again. But dressed in black. And her little 8-year old daughter with her. The first day I thought nothing of it. The second day there was that black dress again. This is an old Portuguese custom for a woman to dress in black when there has been a death in her family. (Actually quite a beautiful custom. This way everyone in the community knows she is in mourning and they then treat her accordingly, with care and respect. Not always but sometimes a bus driver will just waive the local bus tarif, or a kind shopkeeper will fill up the tin of rice to overf